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Advanced Courses

We offer training in non surgical procedures. You do not have to be licensed to receive most certifications. Please be confident you want to take these courses because all deposits and monies paid are nonrefundable. Many courses are free of charge to students enrolled in the Esthetics Program. 

All Staff is licensed, trained and knowledgeable in various areas. All classes come with true certifications. Advanced Course schedule is listed specifically for each course below.

More courses and dates will be added by January 3, 2024. Deposits secure your sessions. If you are interested or have any questions, press the contact button, submit a form for a response.

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All Videos

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Vaginal Bleach Video

Vaginal Bleach Video

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My name is Santrice Middleton.

I'm a 21 year licensed professional and 6 year school owner. Esthetics Institute & Spa is the baby of "The Cosmetology Institute". This year we've added Excellent Nurses, Industry and Medical Professionals to assist training students. Our goal for each student is success and productivity. 

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